About The Company And Its Founder


      Hi my name is Alex George and im the founder of Beardbentō. When I was growing up I struggled alot with body hair from a young age. Due to my families awful genetics I was a Sasquatch child which led to me being bullied. So I had low self esteem and self confidence as a result. As i got older i matured and grew into my features and body hair which led to me gaining in self esteem and self confidence. My first foray into the world of beards and beard care products came later in life when I attempted to grow my first Yeard. I found it was a huge hurdle to find the right products and information for me and my beard. Along the way I wasted tons of money on products that either didn't work or that I just didn't like. Honestly if it wasn't for the support and encouragement of my girlfriend I don't think I ever would have made it past the itchy and patchy phase. However, due to her persistence I kept pushing and doing more research until I found my way to an awesome and supportive community of likeminded beards men who helped me learn and understand not only the differences between products and how to use them but  how to maintain my beard as well. When I set about creating Beardbentō it was to create a product that could help men not only grow their beard but their confidence as well. To help pay it forward if you will and not  just for men new to beards but veterans as well and help them find a way to take their beards to the next level. So after a ton of research I settled on creating something that could help men not only explore and try a huge amount of brands and products but do it without going broke in the process.How to do that as a product was the question and thats what lead me to build a sample based subscription box company and the name Beardbentō. In Japanese culture a bento box is similar to a children lunchbox but filled with small samples of a variety of items so that children have a well rounded diet and that struck me as exactly  what I wanted to make for men with beards. So I was like I want to create a bentō for beards if you will or you might say a  Beardbentō.